Law, Mary Elizabeth

Mary Elizabeth Law
b: 21 Jan 1821
d: 06 Mar 1859
  • 21 Jan 1821 - Birth - ; St Petersburg, Russia
  • 1 Jan 1794 - Baptism - ; Warwickshire, England
  • 06 Mar 1859 - Death - ; St Petersburg, Russia
Ewan Law Esquire
9 Oct 1747 - 24 Apr 1829
Rev. Edward Law
7 Aug 1790 - 10 Nov 1868
Henrietta Sarah Markham
30 May 1764 - 15 Aug 1844
Mary Elizabeth Law
21 Jan 1821 - 06 Mar 1859
Rev. John Peploe Mosley
13 Dec 1766 - 28 Jan 1834
Mary Elizabeth Mosley
1792 - 11 May 1877
Sarah Maria Paget
30 Oct 1770 - 7 Feb 1823
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Rev. Edward Law
Birth7 Aug 1790London, England
Death10 Nov 1868 14 Lonsdale Terrace, Barnes, Surrey, England
Marriage2 May 1816to Mary Elizabeth Mosley at Rolleston, Staffordshire, England
FatherEwan Law Esquire
MotherHenrietta Sarah Markham
PARENT (F) Mary Elizabeth Mosley
Birth1792Rolleston, Staffordshire, England
Death11 May 1877 Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Marriage2 May 1816to Rev. Edward Law at Rolleston, Staffordshire, England
FatherRev. John Peploe Mosley
MotherSarah Maria Paget
FHarriette Maria Law
Birth27 Feb 1817
Death21 Mar 1869Sussex, England
MEdward Peploe Law
Birth27 Apr 1818Preston, Lancashire, England
Death24 Mar 1837Chatham, Kent, England
MCapt. Alfred Markham Law
Birth07 Sep 1832St. Petersburg, Russia
Death9 Nov 1870Axbridge, Somerset, England
Marriageto Maud George
FIsabella Sarah Law
Birth30 Mar 1830St. Petersburg, Russia
Death22 Jan 1866Riga, Latvia
Marriage15 Apr 1852to Henry Robinson at British Chaplaincy,St Petersburg,Russia,USSR
FEmily Mosley Law
Birth19 Nov 1827St. Petersburg, Russia
Death14 Feb 1880St. Petersburg, Russia
Marriage08 Aug 1851to Axel Daniel Gesiko at British Chaplaincy,St Petersburg,Russia,USSR
FCaroline Frances Law
Birth19 Aug 1824St. Petersburg, Russia
Death24 Nov 18976 York Mansions, Earls Court, Kensington, London, England
Marriage05 Aug 1846to Richard Miller at British Chaplaincy,St Petersburg,Russia,USSR
FHenrietta Maria Law
Birth6 Nov 1822St. Petersburg, Russia
Death18 Nov 1892Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland
Marriage24 Oct 1848to Francis Anderson at Edinburgh Parish,Edinburgh,Midlothian,Scotland
Marriageto Henrietta Maria Law
FJosephine Anne Law
Birth22 Jul 1819Deal, Kent, England
Death15 Apr 1849Ickham, Kent, England
Marriage17 Aug 1838to John Adolphus Wright at Horsted, Sussex, England
FMary Elizabeth Law
Birth21 Jan 1821St Petersburg, Russia
Death06 Mar 1859St Petersburg, Russia
Marriage21 Oct 1840to James Richard Cattley at St Petersburg, Russia
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) James Richard Cattley
Birth4 Jan 1806York, Yorkshire, England
Death22 Jan 1867 Barnes, Surrey, England
Marriage21 Oct 1840to Mary Elizabeth Law at St Petersburg, Russia
FatherRichard Cattley
MotherMary Cattley
PARENT (F) Mary Elizabeth Law
Birth21 Jan 1821St Petersburg, Russia
Death06 Mar 1859 St Petersburg, Russia
Marriage21 Oct 1840to James Richard Cattley at St Petersburg, Russia
FatherRev. Edward Law
MotherMary Elizabeth Mosley
FHenrietta Frances Cattley
Birth05 Oct 1848St Petersburg, Russia
Death15 May 1905Elham, Kent, England
FConstance Mary Cattley
Birth20 Jan 1859St Petersburg, Russia
Death08 Feb 1859St Petersburg, Russia
MJames Edward Cattley
Birth25 Sep 1857St Petersburg, Russia
Death25 Jan 1942Ealing, London, England
MBernard Law Cattley
Birth02 Sep 1852St Petersburg, Russia
Death15 Mar 1859St Petersburg, Russia
FGertrude Emily Cattley
Birth18 Feb 1847St Petersburg, Russia
Death15 May 1905
MAlfred Cattley
Birth28 Apr 1845St Petersburg, Russia
Death28 Apr 1900St Petersburg, Russia
FRhoda Mary Cattley
Birth01 Feb 1844St Petersburg, Russia
Death16 Nov 1923Grindleton, Yorkshire, England
MClifford James Cattley
Birth15 Jun 1842St Petersburg, Russia
Death12 Aug 1842St Petersburg, Russia
MOswald James Cattley
Birth23 Jan 1850St Petersburg, Russia
Death28 Nov 1922Ogdensburg, New York, USA
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