Cox, William

William Cox
b: 1755
d: 21 Jan 1831
  • 1755 - Birth - ; Somerset, England
  • 3 Feb 1755 - Baptism - ; St Mary Magdalen, Taunton, Somerset, England
  • 25 Jan 1831 - Burial - ; Taunton St Mary, Somerset, England
  • 21 Jan 1831 - Death - ; Taunton, Somerset, England
  • Will - His will is held in the National Archives - ; Taunton, Somerset, England
  • 1 Oct 1791 - Occupation - Ironmonger - bankruptcy notice in 1791 ; Taunton, Somerset, England
  • 1801 - Occupation - Ironmonger according to land records held in the Somerset Records Office. https://somerset ; Taunton, Somerset, England
  • Occupation - Brassfounder and Ironmonger. Set up a foundry at "Tangier" in Taunton. ; Taunton, Somerset, England
Charles Cox
Abt. Aug 1687 - 12 Mar 1732
Charles Cox
May 1728 - 28 Nov 1787
Edith Whitmarsh
Abt. 1698 - 21 May 1761
William Cox
1755 - 21 Jan 1831
Mary Pocock
Abt. 1721 - 25 Mar 1799
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) Charles Cox
BirthMay 1728Taunton, Somerset, England
Death28 Nov 1787 Taunton, Somerset, England
MarriageAbt. 1750to Mary Pocock at Somerset, England
FatherCharles Cox
MotherEdith Whitmarsh
PARENT (F) Mary Pocock
BirthAbt. 1721Taunton, Somerset, England
Death25 Mar 1799 Taunton, Somerset, England
MarriageAbt. 1750to Charles Cox at Somerset, England
FatherJohn Pocock
MotherJane Pocock
FEdith Cox
Birth1760Taunton, Somerset, England
Deathabt 1762
MArthur Cox
Birth1758Taunton, Somerset, England
DeathAbt. Mar 1805
Marriageto Betty
FHarriet Cox
Birth1766Taunton, Somerset, England
FMary Cox
Birth1756Taunton, Somerset, England
Death18 Dec 1824Taunton, Somerset, England
Marriage4 Jul 1779to John Pepper at Taunton St Mary, Somerset, England
MCharles Cox
BirthMay 1753Taunton, Somerset, England
Death21 Nov 1813Taunton, Somerset, England
Marriage03 Jul 1784to Elizabeth Blatch at West Cholderton, Hampshire, England
MWilliam Cox
Birth1755Somerset, England
Death21 Jan 1831Taunton, Somerset, England
Marriage1 Dec 1785to Grace Goodenough Blatch at Taunton, Somerset, England
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) William Cox
Birth1755Somerset, England
Death21 Jan 1831 Taunton, Somerset, England
Marriage1 Dec 1785to Grace Goodenough Blatch at Taunton, Somerset, England
FatherCharles Cox
MotherMary Pocock
PARENT (F) Grace Goodenough Blatch
Birth15 Aug 1767West Cholderton, Wiltshire, England
Death20 Sept 1835 Bishop''s Hull, Somerset, England
Marriage1 Dec 1785to William Cox at Taunton, Somerset, England
FatherWilliam Blatch
MotherGrace Goodenough
FMaria Goodenough Cox
Birth1804Taunton, England
Death13 Mar 1833Taunton, England
MHenry Cox
MWilliam Charles Cox
Birth18 Sep 1786Taunton, Somerset, England
DeathApril 1846Taunton, Somerset, England
MJames Blatch Cox
Birth21 March 1801Taunton, Somerset, England
Death29 Mar 1874Falmouth, Cornwall, England
FGrace Blatch Cox
Birth18 Mar 1789Taunton, Somerset, England
DeathJan 1875Newton Abbot, Devon, England
FMary Ann Cox
Birth15 Mar 1791Taunton, Somerset, England
MEdward Warre Cox
MSamuel Cox
Birth1803Hatherleigh, Devon, England
DeathApril 1873Torrington, Devonshire
MJoseph Goodenough Cox
FElizabeth Blatch Cox
MRobert Cox
Death1870Devon, England
MGeorge Cox
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