Christian, Mary

Mary Christian
b: 19 Mar 1722
d: 1 Mar 1762
  • 19 Mar 1722 - Birth - ; Ewanrigg Hall, Cumberland, England
  • 12 Jun 1762 - Burial - ; Maughold, Isle of Man
  • 1 Mar 1762 - Death - ; Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
Ewan Christian
11 March 1651 - 10 December 1719
John Christian
14 May 1688 - 20 SEP 1745
Mary Caine
1658 - 26 February 1728
Mary Christian
19 Mar 1722 - 1 Mar 1762
Bridget Senhouse
12 May 1697 - 27 Sep 1749
Eleanor Kirby
Abt 1640 -
Family Group Sheet - Child
PARENT (M) John Christian
Birth14 May 1688Milntown, Isle of Man
Death20 SEP 1745 Petty France, Gloucestershire, England
Marriage02 May 1717to Bridget Senhouse at Carlisle, Northumberland, England
FatherEwan Christian
MotherMary Caine
PARENT (F) Bridget Senhouse
Birth12 May 1697Netherhall, Cumberland, England
Death27 Sep 1749 Ewanrigg Hall, Dearham, Cumberland, England
Marriage02 May 1717to John Christian at Carlisle, Northumberland, England
FatherHumphrey Senhouse
MotherEleanor Kirby
FMary Christian
Birth19 Mar 1722Ewanrigg Hall, Cumberland, England
Death1 Mar 1762Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
Marriage29 Apr 1740to Rt. Rev. Edmund Law Bishop of Carlisle at Cumberland, England
FDorothy Christian
Birth01 Dec 1739Ewanrigg Hall, Dearham, Cumberland, England
Death1761Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England -- unmarried
FBridget Christian
Birth30 Oct 1732Ewanrigg Hall, Dearham, Cumberland, England
Death14 JUL 1762Boxworth, Cambridgeshire, England -- without issue
MGeorge Christian
Birth03 Jan 1731Ewanrigg Hall, Dearham, Cumberland, England
Death04 Nov 1731Ewanrigg Hall, Dearham, Cumberland, England
FEleanor Christian
Birth13 Sep 1726Ewanrigg Hall, Dearham, Cumberland, England
Death29 Mar 1728Ewanrigg Hall, Dearham, Cumberland, England
MCapt. Edward Christian
Birth15 Jul 1725Ewanrigg Hall, Dearham, Cumberland, England
Death1758Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England -- unmarried
MJoseph Christian
Birth17 Oct 1723Ewanrigg Hall, Dearham, Cumberland, England
Death12 Mar 1734Ewanrigg Hall, Dearham, Cumberland, England
MRev. Humphrey Christian
Birth04 Oct 1720Ewanrigg Hall, Dearham, Cumberland, England
Death31 JUL 1773Docking Hall, Norfolk, England
MJohn Christian
Birth05 Oct 1719Ewanrigg Hall, Dearham, Cumberland, England
Death23 NOV 1767Badminton, Gloucestershire, England
MEwan Christian
Birth28 Jul 1718Ewanrigg Hall, Dearham, Cumberland, England
Death16 Aug 1752Ewanrigg Hall, Dearham, Cumberland, England
MCharles Christian
Birth12 DEC 1729ewanrigg hall, Dearham, Cumberland, England
Death11 MAR 1768Moorland Close, Brigham, Cumberland, England
Marriage5 Mar 1750to Ann Fletcher Dixon at Lancashire, England
Family Group Sheet - Spouse
PARENT (M) Rt. Rev. Edmund Law Bishop of Carlisle
Birth6 Jun 1703Cartmel, Lancashire, England
Death14 Aug 1787 Rose Castle, Dalston, Cumberland, England
Marriage29 Apr 1740to Mary Christian at Cumberland, England
FatherEdmund Law Earl of Ellenborough
MotherPatience Langbaine
PARENT (F) Mary Christian
Birth19 Mar 1722Ewanrigg Hall, Cumberland, England
Death1 Mar 1762 Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
Marriage29 Apr 1740to Rt. Rev. Edmund Law Bishop of Carlisle at Cumberland, England
FatherJohn Christian
MotherBridget Senhouse
MEwan Law Esquire
Birth9 Oct 1747Greystoke, Cumberland, England
Death24 Apr 1829Horsted, Sussex, England
MThomas Law
BirthAbt 1751England
MThomas Law
Birth23 Oct 1759
DeathOct 1834Washington
MChristian Law
Birth14 Mar 1752Greystoke, Cumberland, , England
Death21 Aug 1773
MEdmund Law
Birth4 Jul 1741Greystoke, Cumberland, England
Death23 Feb 1758
FElizabeth Law
BirthMay 1746Greystoke, Cumberland, England
Death05 Feb 1767
MRt. Rev. John Law Bishop of Elphin
Birth6 May 1745Greystoke, Cumberland, England
Death18 Mar 1810Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
MJoseph Law
Birth3 Apr 1755Great Salkeld, Cumberland, England
FJoanna Law
Birth25 Nov 1753Great Salkeld, Cumberland, England
Death4 Jan 1823
MRt. Rev. George Henry Law Bishop of Bath and Wells
Birth12 Sep 1761Peter house Lodge, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
Death22 Sep 1845Banwell Cottage, Somerset, England
FBridget Law
Birth24 Jul 1742Greystoke, Cumberland, England
Death30 Jul 1742Greystoke, Cumberland, England
FMary Law
Birth27 Apr 1744Greystoke, Cumberland, England
Death24 Jul 1768Rodmersham, Kent, England
MEdward Law 1st Baron Ellenborough
Birth16 Nov 1750Great Salkeld, Cumberland, England
Death13 Dec 1818London, England
FChristian Law
Birth14 Mar 1752
Death21 Aug 1773
MEdmund Law
BirthFeb 1758Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
MThomas Law
Birth23 Oct 1756Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
Death31 Jul 1834Washington, District of Columbia, United States
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