Land and Estates

Significant estates and land owned by our ancestors

Moat Mount, Mill Hill (Cox Family)

Owned by Edward William Cox and latterly by his son Irwin Edward Bainbridge Cox.

Edward rebuilt it and included the Inn from Serjeants Inn (including the stained glass)

Demolished and now public land and a nature reserve.

What is now Moat Mount was laid out as parkland with an ornamental lake, exotic plantings and grassy slopes; Scratchwood was used for rearing game and sport. Part of the estate was sold in 1906, the remainder purchased largely by Hendon UDC in 1923 after the death of Irwin Cox. The A1 Barnet Bypass bisected the site in 1927. Part became Mill Hill Golf Club, and the rest is now known as Moat Mount Open Space, which contains Leg of Mutton Pond. and on the other side of the A1, Scratchwood Open Space.

Haydon Hall (Edwards Family)

Haydon Hall, Pinner, Middlesex

Rented and then purchased by Ada Bennett Edwards who lived there with her family. After her death it was sold and fell into disrepair. Have several family photos taken here. It had a large lake.

It was demolished in the 1960s.

Horsted Place, East Sussex

Owned by Edward Law. Some of his descendants are buried in the churchyard over the road.

Now the Horsted Place Hotel.

Netherhall and Ewanrigg (Christian/Senhouse Family)

Ewanrigg also known as Netherhall, Maryport, Cumbria

Ewanrigg (or Netherhall) was the seat of the Senhouse family and also known as Aineburgh Hall and Ellenborough Hall. 

The house was demolished in 1979 after standing empty after a serious fire in 1976. 

“Milntown” Isle of Man (Christian Family)

Milntown, Isle of Man

Owned by the Christian family. 

The estate was originally created in the early 16th century when John McCrystyn, who was a Deemster between 1511-1535 merged his Altadale Estate, in nearby Glen Auldyn, with an adjoining estate and renamed the complete holding Milntown.

It was owned by successive generations of the McCrystyn Family, whose name soon became written as Christian, until the death of William Bell Christian in 1886. 

Now open to the public. More about the property here.

Trematon Hall, Saltash, Cornwall

Trematon Hall, Saltash, Cornwall

Trematon Hall is now a Grade II listed building. The estate was for sale via Savills and the particulars can be read here

Owned by Thomas Edwards. A very wealthy man who owned a lot of land. His will can be read here. This is where the “Bennett” name enters the family. There appears to have been a falling out with his heirs. 

Also owned other estates called Stokedon and Worraton nearby.