Cattley and Law Family History

This site covers the Cattley family where it links to the Cox/Fonblanque family starting from Dorothy Isabel Cattley (my great grandmother) who married John Berkeley de Fonblanque and going back as far as Edward 1, King of England and Ferdinand III, King of Spain.

The link to royalty starts from Mary Christian who married Edmund Law, Bishop of Carlisle in June 1740.

Popular and Notable occupations included:

  • Bishops – Edmund Law
  • Merchants – Oswald Cattley
  • Member(s) of Parliament
  • Mayor(s) of Taunton
  • Lord(s) of the Manor of Taunton Deane
  • Solicitors/Barristers/Kings Counsel
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Newspaper and Magazine Publishers, Journalists and Writers
Edmund Law
Edmund Law, Bishop of Carlisle