This site has been setup to bring together and record my family history which spans several different names and goes from the 5th to the 21st century. I will be adding pages for notable individuals from each line where there is something significant within their history. I am happy to collaborate with other people researching any of my family names including Bennett, Cattley, Christian, Cox, Edwards, Fitzgerald, Fonblanque, Handyside, Huddleston, Jupp, Law, Millard, Simpson, Upcott and Whitmarsh.

Notable Ancestors

Amongst my ancestors are many people who are significant for different reasons.

We can also trace our ancestry (via Mary Christian and others) back to royalty including William the Conqueror, and Alfred the Great.

Some are famous (or infamous like Fletcher Christian!), others have done well in their profession(s) and there are many links with nobility in England.

It includes doctors, architects, merchants, cabinet makers, publishers, authors, journalists, bishops, archbishops, members of parliament, generals, lieutenant colonels, admirals and many more.

To contact me about anyone mentioned on this site please use this link.